Xtreme Overland Landcruiser 80 & 70 Series Front & Rear Gear & Locker Upgrade Kit

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Product Overview

1991-1997 Toyota Land Cruiser 80 & 70 Series Xtreme Gear & eLocker Upgrade Kit!  Your Cruiser didnt come with factory eLockers? Get ready to improve both your capability and resale value! It is an understatement to say that this kit will completely change your Cruiser's capability.

This kit is for 1991-1997 Only. For 80's and 70's that are newer please see our 1998 and up kit as there were

changes made to the axles after 1997.


This is our Xtreme kit that also includes master differential install kits,

wheel bearings, and a knuckle rebuild kit.

1991-1997 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series:
FJ70, FJ71, FJ73, FJ75, FZJ70, FZJ71, FZJ73, FZJ75, HZJ70, HZJ71, HZJ73, HZJ75

1991-1997 Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series:
FJ80, FZJ80, HZJ80, HDJ80

1995-1997 Lexus LX450

Front Differential: Toyota 8" Reverse
Rear Differential: Toyota 9.5"
Gear Ratio: 4.10, 4.30, 4.56, 4.88 or 5.29
Manufacturer: Various
Warranty: 2 Years


* Note: in order to build this kit, parts come from various vendors and due to production times being affected by the Covid 19 Backlog, may take some lead time to assemble. Feel free to ask for estimated delivery times.

* We reserve the right to substitute parts of like quality in cases where production demands may prevent us

  from shipping a single source order. In the case that this may occur, we will contact you prior to shipping to

  notify you of any potential changes. This is so your project can move forward regardless of supply chain challenges.

Gear Package Kit Includes:
Front ring & pinion
Front Master Install Kit

Front Yoke Flange (if gear ratio's pinion requires).

Rear ring & pinion
Rear Master Install Kit

Front solid pre-load spacer
Front pinion flange
Rear solid pre-load spacer

Front wheel bearings

Rear Axle Bearings

Front knuckle rebuild kit with Trunnion Bearings

Front Eaton eLocker kit with wiring harness and switch

Rear Eaton eLocker kit with wiring harness and switch


Are You Suffering from poor performance and reduced fuel economy resulting from oversized tires?

A Xtreme gear change will help get that performance and economy back!

If you've fitted larger tires to your vehicle then you are likely experiencing a loss in performance, fuel economy, and more constant transmission gear “hunting" - This is because the larger tires reduce your engine's RPMs below the optimal power band. Re-gearing the differentials in your vehicle is the only way to get your vehicle back into its optimal operating RPM range, thus improving performance and reducing strain on your vehicle's drivetrain. This is especially important for today's vehicles as they feature tall factory gearing and overdrive transmissions which are less tolerant to increase in tire size or the weight of added accessories.

It's a common misconception that gear changes are reserved only to hardcore off-roaders or trucks with huge tires. However, re-gearing is one of the single most beneficial modifications you can make to keep the performance, economy, and durability of your daily-driven 4x4. This is a mod for anyone with larger tires, increased weight, or for increased performance on stock vehicles for towing or increased acceleration.

The Ratios We Choose For Our Cruisers (everyone has their own choices, but we prefer for ourselves):

4.10  31"-32" Tire Diameter

4.30  33"-34" Tire Diameter

4.56  35"-37" Tire Diameter

4.88  38"-39" Tire Diameter

5.29  40"-44" Tire Diameter

Your new eLocker locking differentials:

The Eaton ELocker is an electronic, selectable differential designed for drivers that need traction on-demand. At the flip of a dash switch, drivers can go from open to 100-percent locked. A second flip of the switch deactivates the unit to resume normal driving. The ELocker is the most reliable on-demand differential, featuring selectable operation and net-forged gears for added strength.

Warranty Information

2 years from factory


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