Landcruiser FJ80 3FE A440 to GM LS 4L60E Conversion Kit

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GM LS Engine 4L60E to FJ80 Land Cruiser Conversion Kit (3 parts groups)


PLEASE NOTE: These are the parts and kits that we are able to supply for this particular conversion. You will need these parts from the donor vehicle: Complete engine including accessories Engine wiring harness Powertrain Control Module (ECU) Pollution gear (Carbon cannister) When using all of the kits listed you will still need to address the following: Engine Chassis Points will need to be change out for the Later FZJ80 Chassis Posts , so you can use our MFK1765EM Bolt in Engine mounts - which are include in quote. The exhaust will need to be made from the headers back. The A/C lines will need to be made and the system will need to be gassed. The power steering lines will need to be made. Fan shroud will need to fabricated to suit a Engine Drive Fan kit. The fuel system will have to be finished off. The throttle cable will need to be made. The air intake will need to be connected to an airbox. The standard radiator can be utilized however we would suggest to have the radiator cleaned and flow tested by a radiator shop.


Transfer Case Adaptor - 4L60E 6-bolt to auto HF2A Part ID: MFK1195AE6


The kit is designed to use a GM 4L60E transmission from a 2WD vehicle.
The 4L60E 4WD version has a short output shaft and can not be used unless you replace the output shaft with one from a 2WD version.

The overall length of the GM transmission and the adaptor is the same as the original LandCruiser 4-speed auto gearbox when fitted with either of our MFK1060, MFK1045 or MFK1260 Chevy V8 to automatic transmission kits.

When using a 4L60E six-bolt transmission, an additional adaptor housing is required. This adaptor is supplied in the kit and converts the six bolt pattern back to the four bolt TH700/4L60E pattern. The new adaptor also extends the 4L60E/6 transmission length, making it the same length as the TH700/4L60E transmissions.

The automatic transmission main output shaft drives the transfer case through the new transfer case, input shaft supplied in the kit. The transfer case will need to be disassembled to fit the new input shaft supplied in the kit. The automatic transmission main output shaft is retained therefore, the transmission will not require disassembly. However the shaft will need to be cut down to fit into the new transfer case input shaft.

The hi-low 4WD-lever housing is simply bolted to the top of the new adaptor housing and emerges through the original hole in the transmission tunnel.

NOTE: The new transfer case input shaft supplied in the kit does not have a spline for PTO option. The adaptor housing is machined to accept the 80/100 series HF2A transmission mounting rubber.

NOTE: The 4L60E automatic transmission oil pan will require modification to clear the front tail shaft on all 80 & 100 Series LandCruisers.

Suits LandCruiser 80 & 100 series full time 4WD HF2A transfer case

Kit contains:

  • 2 Adaptor housings
  • Transfer case input shaft
  • Seal
  • Bolts
  • Instructions

MFK1765FJ - Engine Mount Kit - For Install of

LS V8 to 91-92 FJ80 Landcruiser 80 Series

LS V8 Rear Bowl Engine Sump & Pick-up (Modified)


LS1/LS2/LS3 - Modified engine sump & pick-up

These sumps have been modified to stop the tie rod hitting the sump when the vehicle suspension has traveled to the full bump position.

Note: If you use a standard sump, you run the risk of the tie rod punching a hole in the sump.

To suit vehicles with coil springs and tie rod positioned rear of the front diff

  • Nissan Patrol
  • Toyota LandCruiser - 70, 80 & 100 Series (Coil Springs)
  • Toyota Hilux - Leaf Front Springs

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