1FZ Super Charger With Injectors, Intercooler, and Piggy Back ECU By Bullet

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Product Overview

Full Bullet Supercharger Kit for 1FZ-fe Engine


Includes Supercharger, Intercooler, Piggy back ECU and required documenation



1989 – 1997 4.5 litre 6 cylinder (1FZFE) Toyota Landcruiser 80 series
1998 – 2007 4.5 litre 6 cylinder (1FZFE) Toyota Landcruiser 100 series




This Supercharger kit is perfect for the Landcruiser owner who tows or uses their vehicle for off road 4×4 workouts. The Twin Screw Supercharger system has been developed with reliability being the main focus. Small boost levels of only 5 psi allow the engine to comfortably perform without stressing internal components, whilst delivering exceptional power and torque increases. The Supercharger delivers maximum boost from “off idle” all the way to the engine redline. This means that instantaneous Torque is available down low where you need it – when taking off from a standing start with a heavy load or caravan on the back or when in low range on a sandy beach or in boggy mud.

Fuel Economy remains the same (if not slightly better) on average due to the increased torque available from the engine, with returns of under 20 litres per 100kms achievable when towing. More power is developed down lower in the engine rev range meaning the engine does not have to rev as hard to produe the same level of power. This is most noticeable when towing up a hill – the automatic gearbox does not have to downshift as often as more torque is available through the mid range.

This kit includes 2 extra fuel injectors which provide the additional fuel required only under high output conditions such as hill climbing or overtaking also includes injector wiring loom and diagram.

Engine management system and custom dyno tuning are required



  • Maximum Torque is available lower in the rev range – perfect for towing or four wheel driving
  • Instantaneous maximum boost anywhere in the rev range from idle to redline
  • No engine internal modifications needed to realise Power and torque increases of up to 45%.
  • PWR High efficiency Water to Air Intercooler setup 
  • Supercharger and Intercooler setup fits under the standard bonnet line.
  • Retains factory air filter element for maximum filtration with maximum flow

Parts Included

  • New generation Series 5 Twin Screw Supercharger– 5psi
  • Precise CNC cut mounting brackets
  • High flow rear entry with CNC machined flanges and vacuum ports
  • Drive setup with additional crankshaft pulley, drive belt and dynamic tensioner setup
  • Cruise Economy Bypass Valve
  • All brackets, hoses and fasteners
  • Step by step installation instructions
  • PWR internal water to air intercooler core, front mounted water radiator, reservoir, high flow water pump, relay and all water hoses.
  • 2 Additional Boost Injectors

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review